Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry X'mas! [Part 2]

============On X'mas morning...============

I Was dragged am lucky to be invited to a Christmas service,
down at Hotel Flamingo, by the young AngelKein.. *winks*

Thought of sleeping it off at home, luckily went there..
However I was suppose to attend another church with someone else..
(So sorry, next year k? *hugs*)

I'd be glad to share some of the moments down at Hotel Flamingo..

AngelKein and I wishing all a MERRY XMAS!

Ooo Ooo.. btw I met RoyalShortness and HsuJen there too..

Ps: there wasn't many pictures, well simply cos I didn't charge
my camera's battery.. Sorry my bad...

On X'mas night...============

Was also invited to a BBQ session with my ex-classmates from
secondary school.. was a last minute thingy

At the same time, it was also a birthday of a girl.. =D

Nickname: Kyoko

So let's check out the pictures..
and you'll find out what happen.. xD

As usual most of us practices MST
(Malaysian Standard Timing = L.A.T.E)

Lucky food was prepared earlier..
Thanks Aunty!

Even the BBQ was hot and toasty... =D

Soon everyone gathered around..
seriously it became splendid! and hot...

CS Lin says it's better sitting while BBQ-ing..
O_O He can stand the heat.. *Salutes*

Then all of us ate together..
Had good chats as well.. =D

Since there was no alcohols..
Anglia is the only "beer" we had.. =D
Oh.. there was orange juice.. LOL

We had a carton of these.. XD

In between the dinner,
some of us head inside to chill out and

The number of people keep increasing..

MC Yap tagged along!

And I shall not be left behind!

Someone went missing 3/4 of the night..
She was on the phone.. for a V.E.R.Y L.O.N.G time..
Dunno how she can stand talk and stand so long.. 8-S

Some of us were still clinging onto the cameras.. =D

I'd joined in of course! why not right?
Xmas spirit ma.. =D

Looking up to the Xmas tree..

Ka-ching.. It's me!

All of us inside the house!

All of us outside the house..
with the host, Aunty =D

wishing all a MERRY MERRY XMAS!!

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