Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A whole day out..

Yesterday, I drove my mum and sis, and my mum's friend to visit a friend of ours in Selayang.. Should have brought my camera along.. but left it at home =.="

If not I would have shown you guys the house.. But then again, that would be rude of me to snapshot the house with out without permission (it is known as intrusion of privacy)..

So the only picture I got was these (with my phone).. Cause shortly after that I saw eyes on me, as if I was doing some freakishly unacceptable.. LOL..

An added family member to my mum's friend's..
Furry, active and lovable.. =D

Check him out..
imitating Firefox =D
but actually I firstly thought that it was a carpet..
Almost stepped on it.. Oops.. =P


Well, dogs do need some drink too.. XD

I tell you this dog is living a more luxurious life than any of us..
Monthly do's: Spa
Daily food: Lamb, chicken, pork, or fish chow..
Daily activity: walk around, laze around, entertain people and self
Current home: Big bungalow
Self benefits: Get lotsa love from people, get fed, bathed and brushed..
Expenses: MINIMUM RM100 every month

Woah.. I also want!! *envy*

sad part is: it has trouble finding its spot..
so yesterday it peed on the mattress..

EWWWWWW... I had to help clean up..

Then got placed at the CORNER..
Brownie's scared of heights.. it did not move..
awwwwh.. poor Brownie.. =(

but less than 10 minutes, it was brought back safely onto the ground..
cause it was making that sad and sorry face with poor-thing sounds..
I also beh-tahan (translate: cannot stand it)
so what more the owner?

After all that pictures... is back to listening to Aunty talks again.. What to do? I was the only guy there, the rest all gone don't know where.. Plus I'm the guest, was suppose to sit still =D

So before we left the house, I took a quick snap shot of this, which I find it to be the summary of the whole and entire conversation the aunties were having (sorry mum I called you aunty *pulls ears*)

After that, went home only to join my mum's friend for dinner.. and by the time I actually got home, it was time for me to go to bed.. cause I was dead exhausted already...

And that is the day out.. =D

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