Thursday, May 29, 2008

my dreams? omg!

everyone hopes of becoming somebody else.. well that does not exclude me!
I used to dream of having a bigger build body; actually thought it might attract girls! LOL
So I did try to do home exercise. Just normal sit ups, push ups, lifting cans of milo or packs of rice.

I always wondered how I would look like with a bigger build body.. until one day......
I had a whacky idea to try and attach one of my pictures to a existing body builder's picture..
Hahaha.. guess what???


told ya it was whacky! Wakakaka.. After looking at this picture, I discarded the idea of having a BIG built body.. with this body... HOW TO FIT INTO MY CLOTHES???? *sweat*


  1. so freakin repulsive weh!!! [runs far far away]

  2. Haha! it was an imagination only.. wan kok lei geh.. Im still small size ler.. (runs after siew mei)

  3. omg...plz plz plz
    if u turn become like him
    i sure will act dunno u when i meet u..haha kidding
    but hopefully u wun become like de pic..

  4. Haha.. Dun worry la,
    I don't have the chance to be lidat..
    It takes years and lots of $$ to be dat.. So u better dun run away ya..

    It's embarassing if a leng lui run away from me.. *paiseh*

  5. Funny how did you even managed to wear your underwear with those bulky muscle. LOL. :P

  6. Hahaha.. I got skills.. woot!
    or mayb it's just a "paste on" underwear?? hahahaha..