Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip up to Penang..

Though it's not this week or last week, but it's pretty recently (I think about two weeks ago, *scratch head* hehe) Went up there with my mum and sis, to visit some friends. Truth be told, I haven't seen them in years (can't remember how long lar).

We went around here and there; what I remember was, Butterworth, Gurney Drive and some other places. Haha.. Poor me, poor memory.. I went there also with the intention of eating good and cheaper food (compared to KL's)..

So we flew there by AirAsia, the plane's not too bad.. I thought it might be shabby, but it looks like it's in good condition.. I got some close shotsthough.. ^^ *curi curi ambil*

woot! but I remembered getting a warning from one of the ground staffs there.. haha..
He nearly took me off the plane!

Alright, the moment we landed, we had a beautiful "driver" to pick us up and have lunch with us.
Who is the mysterious driver? Ha! Will tell you later on.. Hehehe.. *boink boink*

Had lunch at Kim Gary's, and OMG, the food DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT look like what it suppose to look like.. Seriously you might even doubt its taste..

Luckily the taste is not too bad. AT LEAST they did not lose the taste.. *pheww*

Har~~ Now this is the mysterious driver I was talking about..
Hawt ei? ^^V That's why my lunch was quite satisfying.. LOL

But if you ask me, I wouldn't go there again... Unless, she's there again.. Hehehe.. Alright let's move on.. For the rest of the day, we didn't do anything much.. Only waited for the next morning to come around.. But there wasn't anything much to do, until night falls..

We went for a Wesak Day Procession at one of the temples in Penang.
How was the environment? Well I'll let my pictures tell it..

That's about the venture we had at Penang. Sadly we had to leave the day after.
But of course we manage to snap a goodbye picture with the "driver"..

My family and the girlAnother picture!

Alright.. Time to reveal the girl.. What is her name? She's June Vei! We all call her June..
So June, as of this moment.. You're FAMOUS!

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