Monday, May 26, 2008

New Beginning ^^

Don't be surprised.. Actually I was an active blogger once..
But of course I won't be telling out who I am.. ^^

How come I start blogging again? Well that's a request from my friends, especially from my best friend Siew Mei. They've been urging me to start blogging (and some were actually fed-up of me spamming their blogs, so they told me to start my own!). Good Riddens, that's what a few of them might think! But GUESS AGAIN!! *jeng jeng jeng*

Alright enough of that, I'm gonna introduce myself..
So who am I? I'm Spiderman! NOT! lol.. xD
I'm just your regular kid, ordinary and simple guy who is most of the time a cheerful and 24 hours chirpy dude. I'm currently a sophomore/freshman doing my first year of degree in IT.. Studying in APIIT-UCTI..

I'm just an average kind of person who's interested in anything that excites me.. *ahem, anything....* LOL.. I maybe a joker most of the times, but when I'm serious, I'm dead serious.. Trust me, friends who knows me knows that! Hahaha..

So that's just a short intro to my BEGINNING of blogging days..
See ya!

JOSM over and out!


  1. good boy, kwai la finally u started bloggin(again)=P