Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Alright the so call "holiday" time is over.. Supposingly last week was my off week where I'm suppose to do my revision and also do my assignments.. Unfortunately being involved in the Student Council does not allow me to have free time.. Yes you got it.. Dedication to college activities.. At first I thought it'd be cool to help out organizing and setting up events, however it did not turn out to be as easy as I had in mind.. Everyone wants to take control.. And boy did I get bossed around.. Oh wells, nothing to shout about, since everyone felt the same.. But one thing I'm kinda feeling tired and losing my time for myself, my friends and my assignments.. I'm thinking I shouldn't be that active like I used to. Skip that.

Now guess what?? I forgotten that my lecturer told us that we're having test this week! YES! TEST!! SWT BIG TIME!!! =.=" zzzz Best thing ever, I HAVE 3 TESTS! woot??!!! Lucky me ei?
Should go and buy numbers, then I might strike jackpot.. LOL

So after tonight, I'm gonna be studying and revising on my subjects.. I don't want to fail.. *yaiks*
So adios.. and a good night to all!

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