Sunday, February 15, 2009

CNY All Around (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post on CNY (yeah, of all the thing, it's a week after CNY)... Alright, so from the previous post, let's continue with the CNY show-and-tell.. =)

Occassions like CNY are one of the happiest moments,
where friends and/or family, would visit one another
to celebrate with one another.. =)

On one of the CNY days,
I visited my ex-classmates' house:

Kar Mun aka Jenny's family called up a
Lion Dance performance..

Lion in close-up

Both Lions' going for the "Fatt Choy"

The drummer boy

Then, we had some tit-bits served
inside the house:

We saw this cute lil doggie =D
The girls were totally attracted to it..

Colbie and Jenny showing off their ang pao's (red packets)

This is our classmates =)

Then we head to Ee Von's house:

and Camwhored!

Of course, that is not all...
The usual things to do at each house is:
  • Eat the food (hopefully finish them all)
  • Drink the drinks available (too bad no booze T_T)
  • Chit chat (seriously we can talk A LOT)
  • and the most important thing: COLLECT ANG PAO!!
(note that the last reason is VERY VERY important -

The girls with their talk..

We managed to get hold off
our former teacher, Mr Tiew:

Everyone's happy, and feeling good.. =D
Look at all the smiles and laughter.. ^^

Another day, my family and I got invited to
a CNY lunch gathering at Sam's place:

What a lunch..
By the way, it only took Mrs. Pong less than 3 hours
to cook up this whole meal.. Woah!

And yesh I was spying on Sam's cards..
Cause I wasn't playing at that time.. LoL!
Believe me, I lost at every round I played..
Lucky thing we didn't place any bets *phew*..

Then I joined the game of RISK where
dominating the world is the only aim..

Soldiers of 4 different colors..
Very patriotic ei? =.="

Last but not least, the wise words of the day:

very true indeed..
I've waited a year for this.. =D


  1. hehe..finally u update ur blog q tat it..blek!

  2. Wow...Gong Xi!!!u had a great time celebrating CNY...Happy moment run out so fast...soon to be remain as usual..somehow enjoy !!!

  3. @SwanSwan: lol ya lor.. if dun update now, dunno when only i will update..

    @Evelyn: Gong Xi! haha.. well enjoy while you can.. if not, no meaning wan.. =D