Monday, June 01, 2009

Cathay Cineplex Wanted to ATTACK me!

Earlier I wanted to book movie tickets online, from GSC, but unfortunately they have bad services and their site STINKS! Can't even view bookings without getting an error. So I opt for Cathay Cineplex.

After making a reservation for the movie tickets, I wanted to check out something, and guess what? I GOT ATTACKED BY THEM! Blardie hell, what did poor little me even did wrong to them? I only wanted to check for contest... and, and, and they ATTACK me! Here's the proof:

See! Lucky I got protection from my browser, wtfff!


  1. nice blog and lots of stuff here.......

  2. @WenPink:
    Becareful when you go Cathay Cineplex punya website.. =P