Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did out of boredom, and Got Something New...

I was rather bored, so I decided to do something different something kinda lame and out of normal for me. I tried going various sites to see whether or not I was a unique person. LOL told cha!

Fortunately I was pleased with the results - being unique and all. Oh in case if you don't know, I am a SUX person. So now you know. =P

So I search for my name (nick to be exact): Jeffro Ong, in a few sites...

Google was the first that I searched...
Wootza! First on the list... *beams*
(Yahoo, Altavista, etc gave the same results)

Checked Facebook, and whoala, the only one in list...
*beams brighter and higher* LOL
So do you agree now that I am a
SUX person?

Unfortunately I don't know Friendster's search engine works,
I couldn't find myself with the name..
but it was okay, I couldn't find many friends with it too.. =P

Oh yeah, let me introduce to you something new today..
Just for the fun of it, I've gotten myself a domain name..

Is it awesome or is it AWESOME?!
No worries, you can still retain my current site name,
or you might wanna add up this new domain name to your list..

For my facebook friends,
This would be my facebook link:

Told Ya I was BORED!


  1. Oohh.. coolnya.. own domain. I wanna have mine too.. :)

  2. Yes, I think you are REALLY bored.

    *search Cedric Ang*

  3. Yes, I think you are very bored

    *search Cedric Ang*

  4. @Curry:
    Hehehe.. yeah.. you can get one now at for free.. =D

    Yes.. Noted that.. dun have to tell me twice.. =(

  5. Sorry .. i was trying to subscribe to the comments.

  6. @Cedric:
    haha.. chill chill.. no harm done.. it's something normal.. the submitting of comments may have some problems at time..

  7. haha.. nice.. =)

  8. @KenWooi:
    hehehe.. thank you thank you..