Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tough Decision..

A good friend of mine, called me earlier because he was confused about what to do next, fearing every step may lead to a bad conclusion. He was kinda messed up, I suppose, but I guess that would be my case too, in I were to be in his shoes.

Here's the situation: My friend (well let's call him Jimmy) is studying for his final year at the moment. Jimmy is not from a well-to-do family, but he has been working on and off to earn some side income to help support himself, and lessen the burden for his family. So a few days back, Jimmy's mother had resigned from her current job of which she wasn't feeling too good about. Jimmy told me that his mother had been complaining about the stress and pressure she faced at work. Honestly that part, I have no words to help him. All I could do was listen to him, until he came up with some suggestions, which I had no choice but to get involved with.

He wanted to quit college, and start working to support his family. I asked him why? He said that if he quits now, it wouldn't be a problem as he was offered jobs by a few companies of which he has put to consideration first. The only worry would be is the college fees contract he is bonded to - if Jimmy breaches the contract, he'll have to pay everything at once. But if he stays and continue his final year, it'll take him another year before graduation. And as he states, Jimmy is facing the same problem like I do, getting his project done up and to cope up with his other subjects.

What I told him was to continue on the studies no matter what, since it's only a year. However, what he had on mind was either to focus less on the studies and work at the same time, or simply quit college and start career. Jimmy states because he is currently facing financial problems and with his mother's lost of job, he may face even bigger problems within the year itself. He fears that any further efforts in college would go to waste if he continues. I stood strong with my advice to him with reasons - if you don't complete this no matter what, everything that you've done since the beginning will be even a bigger waste. You would even waste and trash the hopes of others that have put upon you. Finally he settled down, and then hung up.

I don't know whether my advice was correct or not, even I'm facing somewhat the same problem like him in studies. Am I right to say that? Or am I a fool that is being too optimistic? *sigh* What a tough decision to make. Jimmy, all best buddy.. I wish I could help more, but I can only hope for the better for you.

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