Monday, June 08, 2009

How many feelings are there?

Have you ever wondered if feelings could be numbered?
and how many of them are there?

What are you feeling right now?
How feelings do have at the moment?

Well as I was browsing through the net randomly, I came to a website which led me to another website that amazes me A LOT - Twistori and then WeFeelFine. Upon opening the sites and selecting it's core, you'll be amazed by the constant updates and the number of stuffs that are going on.

Twistori was really attractive at first, since it was similar to Twitter, but I do not know how it works, because there was no update bar like Twitter's. Then as I continue going through site, it lead me to WeFeelFine and that took me to a different world.

Launching a pop-up from WeFeelFine, instantly astonished me because what I saw when it completely loaded was something that never came across my mind - pixels of dots, shapes, and colors representing different situations and emotions, and some even had pictures with them. With different clicks I could see something different happening, and I've not been able to click on the same thing twice!

I wouldn't spoil it for you... But what I would share out is the list of feelings that are listed on the site... Below are some of the feelings:

total 1894610
better 128155 FFA401
bad 93390 07548A
good 76610 FFF700
right 40683 E97802
guilty 31591 004E6F
sick 27706 2E9127
same 25389 017E94
shit 24632 00553A
sorry 23779 00696F
well 22428 E6C637
down 20847 18213E
alone 17988 595884
happy 17849 FF7F00
great 17058 FFD801
comfortable 16552 40B6B8
sad 16227 043F69
free 15675 7EC31B
lost 14602 014872
stupid 14143 027975
tired 13834 273E67
weird 11972 F70059
lonely 11789 08468F
old 11750 352C65
home 11241 263D67
ill 10998 11581C

(click here for the list of feelings)

Well, knock yourself out with these two sites...


  1. Nice! I love the wefeelfine one and the real nice colored blobs and stuff... Haha.
    Interesting how they do this stuff.

  2. how is the numbers related to the feelings? lol =)

  3. @Chia Wei:
    hahaha.. same here.. it's kinda awesome no? Really something different eh? hehehe =)

    I have no idea.. I guess it's how they wanna link it to their database? Or is it, the feelings have ID numbers? LOL.. i have no ideas..