Friday, January 27, 2012

News Print Still Going Strong

I was listening to BFM radio this morning when I heard Phillip Karuppiah (CEO of TheMalayMail) talking about some insights in regards to his company. They set to release their renewed news prints (prints and online) coming 30th January 2012. They'll be kicking off at RM1.00 per copy. I think that's a pretty fair and competitive price as compared to TheStar (selling from RM1.20 per copy).

According to Phillip, there's still a need for the prints and it won't die off that easily. Even with the online heat, hard copy is still preferred by many, especially those that goes for morning coffee. Honestly, I think that's pretty true. No matter how good things are in the Net, nothing beats good ol' school hard copy print outs. I'd still prefer to sit at a cafe browsing mags or papers, over eReading on smart devices. It may not be as quickly updated as the online content, but one thing's for sure is that what's printed stays printed, and can't be altered. And it's already printed (like duh~!) so I just need to keep a copy of it, rather than trying to find a printer when I need one.

As how print ads are still ongoing, I think newspapers regardless of which it is, will continue to stay strong, so long the content is compelling, factual, non-biased and perhaps opinionated (Personally, I think it's good to display one's perspective and views on a certain event or occasion, rather than just publishing what everyone else is publishing).

"As the world progresses digitally, the needs for analogue material keeps growing at the same time." DSLR vs Film / Polaroids, Wireless vs Wired, Email vs Post Mail, eNews vs Newspaper, & etc.

Conclusion: news print (like any other analogue materials) will inevitably continue on and will grow stronger in demand.

Enough of my thoughts, what's your take on this? Are you pro-digital news or are you still hooked up on the good newspaper prints? Share with me!

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