Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bowling: Bloopers!

Well since most of my coursemates and I are being kinda stressed out lately, because of the assignments... So my friends decided we'd take it out over bowling.. Release all of it out through the games.. And I thought to myself, why not this time I take bloopers of all of us? Hence the following pictures.. =D

This is how Karthik bowl..

There were funnier stance.. but they were blur.. =(

If I remove the background,
you won't know what he was doing.. =)

Alan looks like he's gonna do some sprinting..

Ahh this is what that got me incredible scores..
You'll find out later.. =D

Amazingly, Oly's bowling pretty well today..

Oly's doing the Cha-cha-Bowling

Suresh spiderman-like-bowling style.. He shoots the ball..
And man, he gotten quite a number of strikes.. O.o

Karthik finished his game quite early..
Well I had quite a number of bloopers on this dude..
And this is what he had to say:


Yeahh.. That's what we are...

The earlier games were like that..

but hey check my score out (J), that's my highest so far!
Awesome stance I had actually paid out..
And bowling this time had never been luckily..
I could even spare out the split pins.. WOOTZA!

by the time we knew it, it was time to go..
We didn't know we could take it out so much..
Look what happened to the bowling ball.. O_O
Sorry Mr Manager-of-the-bowling-center, it wasn't me =D

unfortunately for Alan, his shoe was "broken" too..
And it was only a few weeks old..
I wonder what he went through before coming to classes..
The Amazon? the grand Canyon?

But what I'm definitely sure off, is that we all went back
with smiling faces..
Errrmm, urrrmm, at least I had a smile on my face
after the games.. =D

So who wanna join in the next time??


  1. hahhaa my sayang look so happening and graceful wan... hahahha wish I was there to see u play... :P

  2. lol.. graceful ar?? ^_^
    if you were there, you'll be LOL-ing the whole time.. =D

  3. hahaha.. yawh man.. and the best thing is, we scored pretty well while showing the skills.. hahahaha xD

  4. bowling is pretty tiring....when was d last time i tried it? whoa, for ages!!!u had fun amigo!!! missed goin out with friends!

  5. the player in the first pic seemed so professional...anyway,care 2 xchange link with my Travel Accesories blog? I have added ur blog.Thx

  6. @Sunny: ^_^ yawh.. very tiring.. but was worth every sweat of it, since we all had fun.. u should do that soon..

    @Travel: exchange links? well will add you up shortly.. =D

  7. like the 1st pix~
    how the hell he throws lidat la?

  8. @Nazeef: I dunno.. but he sure strike the hell out of the pins!

  9. i never got the chance to play bowling.. but i wouldn't dare because i know how heavy the ball is.. hihihi.. like the jeffro style! zoom! ;)

  10. @bena: awwwh.. you should try bowling.. there are many weights for the balls.. u should start from the lightest.. slowly u'll find yourself taking up the heavier ones..

    hahaha.. well don't do what i did.. bad for the arms.. *winks* =D