Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feast Your Eyes!

What I'm about to show you would be somewhat unbelievable, or something rare in sight. Even I had to see it twice to make sure my eyes didn't fool me =D Nevertheless let's take a look at them shall we?

Months ago, when I first joined my company and celebrated
with the September babies ...
(no, not these guys, they're the hungry ghost! =P)
... There were a lot of MOONCAKES, and cakes!

Yeah, believe it or not, all these went swooosh-and-gone~!
All within 2 hours or less, cleaned up, like it weren't there to begin with =P

Found this at some supermarket...
Like O-EM-GEE, can this even sell out?
Pringles sure are getting weirder by the years...
What next? Durian and Mango? (=.=")

Anyways, by any chance anyone actually tried these,
Could you tell me how it taste like? Would you recommend it?

(thanks in advance!)

Okay, back in office, I passed by and took a peek at my colleague's desk.
You see that?!

Now let's jump to another supermart...
I found this price tag!
A&W has gone wild in pricing!!

With that kinda price, I'd rather spend on 2-3 bottles
of Mountain Dew then!

Look at me browser's memory consumption!
It's hitting off the charts!

Could it get any worse? Yes it can!
I only had 2GB worth of RAM... And this crap takes more than 3/4 of it
(=.=") Major PITA (Pain in the arse)
No wonder my laptop was SUPER slow...

Last but not least, the winning picture for today...
A Cash Voucher worth RM0.20 or 20sens!
Damn "BIG" prize lah...

All I can get is 1 small candy! =(

Hehehe, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! =P

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