Tuesday, November 02, 2010

iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010

Well if you haven't heard about iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010, then you'd probably missed the preliminaries. No worries, you can still catch up with it! Till date, 6 finalist have been chosen (via popularity voting on Facebook) and will be on the go to compete against each other in the tight struggle to be the winning team.

iStyle press conf

As stated, it is held at KLIA. And if you're thinking KLIA is just a place where airplanes arrive and depart, well think again. Last week, my friend's team, SML Volatile and others were running around to complete one of their first task - accessories selections at selected participating outlets at KLIA, followed by a garment selections, sponsored by Eclipse, Pavillion KL.

Team SML Volatile - Celine, NingJeng and Gizo

The team doing their apparel selection

Then, they worked on cut outs from magazine, for their mood board.

Fashion stuffs pretty exciting don'cha think?
If you're interested on what's happening this week, you can also follow up on
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Don't miss out the fun moments! *winks*