Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Impressions

As normal humans, we are all about first impressions by nature – while many of us like or love to look good in front of others, there are those who are not bothered by how they may appear. But nevertheless, all of us subconsciously will tend to be impressed upon seeing a good appearance of something or someone. Only difference between one person and the other is how long it takes until this subconscious is overruled or overridden by our own reality. For example, despite how much a person says he or she don’t judge others by their looks, that person for a split moment will be impressed if others are all dressed in creative or well-mannered fashion, and will be disgusted by dirty and filthy looking people. Perhaps if that person has a strong mind, in an instant those thoughts would vanish and his or her senses of his or her own reality returns. There’s nothing wrong with anyone who prefers looks over anything, and vice versa, because that is what we are – human.

Bear in mind that regardless of what you think, you should always dress, act and respond properly because even though you don’t mind your looks, others just might mind it. Think of it from another point of view; if you can get things done easily, why make things difficult for yourself? Unless you’re the M-type or in some cases S-type, then just ignore what I mentioned. I’m only referring to the general humans, not to any specific person.

Long time ago, back when I was still a kid, I too initially thought that appearance, looks or even first impressions are overrated, so long you’re good on the inside, it doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. But I was very wrong. As I grew up, I slowly yearn for things that look nicer than others, unless I can’t afford it. Funny is that, even for the cheap and affordable items, I still look for the outstanding ones rather the old and dirty or the less shiny ones. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but if you truly the ones that don’t matter bother about appearance, then you shouldn’t have thought nor done the way I did.

Going into my teen days and finally into adulthood, my opinions of first impressions grew stronger, as I saw its “power”, or rather possibilities and opportunities it may bring. This is not a statement, but a fact that is proven over and over again. When I’m in my casual and friendly attitude, many would see me as approachable and easy to get along with. But when I’m in my formal attire, even with friendly attitude, many would see me as a more serious person and would only approach if there’s something important despite my friendliness. That’s just an example of many trials I’ve tried.

If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself. Get a simple makeover or just put on some new clothes, put a friendly or serious gesture and expression, you’ll experience what impressions can offer you.


  1. yes, u r very true~ it did happen to me as well.. it applied in my working field too where I wore formal clothes, they thought that I'm serious person and hard to get along with~~ But, they(the colleagues) do not know well.. they r just assuming from the way I talk, I wear~~

  2. @Lisa717:
    Yeah, first impressions do have its magic :D