Monday, November 22, 2010

Heat, Heat, Heat... Huat Ah!

It's been some time since the iStyle KLIA kickstarted, time flies... and guess what tomorrow (23rd Nov 2010) is the finale of it =( Some of you may have followed it and some of you may have missed it, but never fear for Jeffro is here *tattadahdah*. I'll take the liberty to brief you up on what's been going on so far, so even if you've missed out on it, you still know what's going on =D

1st Heat – BeAccesserized

2nd November 2010 (Tuesday), the day iStyle KLIA kickstarted its second year of fashion styling competition and the 1st Heat was BeAccerized. Meeting point was at KLIA *like duh* Cut the story short, all teams had to work their models. Whilst the make-ups and hair-dos were done by the make-up artist and hairstylists, my good friend, Celine and her team - SML Volatile was doing the styling for their model, Eliana Efendieva. Thereafter, there was a photo shooting session with Kim Mum, the photographer.

Eliana Efendieva getting her make-up done

Eliana getting her hair-do

Rehearsing poses

Kim Mum, the photographer doing the photo shooting,
with advice from SML Volatile on how they wanted the style to be

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Eliana, Celine and Gizo

2nd Heat – Man About Town

9th November 2010 (Tuesday), was the second photo shoot. However, this time around the model was a male model, Isaac Ong. The same process again, each team will require to select their apparels, and start styling up the models based on their sense of creativity. We'll get a closer look at team SML Volatile =)

Everyone arrives, gets their tags and wrist bands before obtaining
their budget of RM200 for front liner uniforms.

Then, all gathered for a briefing

While the publicist gets briefed on restrictions on posting photos
with brand labels

Isaac Ong, getting his make up done

Next, comes the hair-do

After that, the styling by team SML Volatile

Isaac striking a pose before the photo shoot session

Kim Mum, conducting the session professionally

Viewing of the shoots

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Issac, Gizo and Celine

3rd Heat Ad Campaign – Indulge Till You Fly

16th November 2010 (Tuesday) marks the 3rd Heat of the competition. So this time around, it's different than the 1st and 2nd; each team had to do an ad campaign for KLIA with the theme title – Indulge Till You Fly. Ooo that sounds fun eh? Let's see what's it like...

In case you don't know what an ad campaign looks like,
here's a good reference - an ongoing campaign ad at KLIA – Dine Till You Fly

So here's what the styling area for the models and stylist looks like
when it's empty
Pretty neat eh? =)

And here's me telling that SML Volatile is simply awesome! =D
Can you see how happy Celine is? =P

So here's SML Volatile's model for the 3rd Heat, Constance Lau
getting her make up done

Constance getting her hair-do

After styling, she was ready to practice her poses

Then, Kim Mum does his cool job with the photo shooting session

Constance giving us her signature smile, whilst striking a nice pose =D

The pictures are then transferred to laptop for easy viewing

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Constance, Gizo and Celine

Alright, so we've pretty much covered everything from day one till the recent 3rd Heat. So what's left? The finale of course! That will be held at KLIA *again, duh* and it'll be the final judging for the 3rd Heat and the front liner attire, not to forget also showcasing all the styling work and the grand final results =D

Try not to miss it, k?

This is Jeffro saying Cheers to all!
and have a great day! =D

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