Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keep 'Em Coming!

Gotta love 'em colleagues. They're pretty thoughtful in many ways, no matter what they do. I haven't been around that long, but I've met some pretty nice colleagues.

I feel loved.

LOL, actually I grabbed this from one of my colleagues.
I was lucky, 'cause it's the last on her table.
Then, I winked at her.

I'm very playful at my workplace...
But don't get me wrong though, by playful means I'm jovial and
I get along well with others =)

Yeah gotta zip it up for now =P

Got this from my 'neighbor' who has just recently 'moved away'
to another corner of the 'neighborhood' =(

This is from another colleague of another department...
Oh did I mention that our departments here means different project?
Well I just did! =P
So technically different departments (projects) but
same floor of the same building =D

All this makes my day better than it is

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