Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fright Night! review

Just got back from a movie premier screen by Nuffnang with thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia. We were watching Fright Night, a Disney flick which tales a vampire, by the name of Jerry, living in the neighborhood where Charley Brewster (the main character) lives in. This movie is a mix of comedy and horror - weird combination, no? But I must admit the jokes were rather hilarious and got many members of the audience laughing to it.

Note: Pictures are taken from Nuffnang.

I would not want to elaborate further on the movie, but would like to highlight some points as part of the review:
  • Was not much of a horror, rather more of suspense, but I do like the sound effects, makes your heart throb a little here and there.
  • The puns were hilarious and it made many members of the audience laugh.
  • The storyline was not that all interesting, but some of the actions were alright.
  • Character-wise, well they were alright too, but I think Colin Farrell did pretty well seeing there was all that was given to him. Anton Yelchin was average at the beginning, but his character picked up towards the end *thumbs up*
  • In terms of special effects, it was not that all impressive but it did fair well in its part of the show, except for the oozy blood that was really fake (I guess being part of a Disney movie, they can't have too much blood?)

 I would rate it as 7/10.
 An okay movie to watch, but it's not a movie you cannot miss.

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