Monday, September 05, 2011

Awesome Sunday

My today's To-do-List started off with only 3 items:

  1. Call Sandra
  2. Wash Car
  3. Arrange a meeting with (threadmill) buyer

Unfortunately, the primary #1 task I did not manage to do (because I had forgotten about it - entirely slipped off my mind *sobs*). However, things turned around when there were more items spontaneously added to the list, and it somewhat compensated the disappointment I felt, with joy and fulfillment when I completed the others =)

My new list and its status for each item was updated to the following:

  1. Call Sandra (Missed)
  2. Wash Car (Completed: Washed 3 cars instead *sweats*)
  3. Arrange a Meeting with (threadmill) Buyer (Completed)
  4. Edit Photo Album (Completed: Edited 3 albums instead *exhales in relief*)
  5. Clear Credit Card Bills (Completed)
  6. Clean Closet (Still in progress)
  7. Visit friend's open-house raya (Completed: Tapao a pack of rendang *grins*)
  8. Picked and send friend home safely (Completed: Retrieved missing bag too! *smiles*)

These may seem like petty work, however they were meaningful today. I'll do item #1 when Sandra gets settled down later on :) and I won't miss it the next time around! :)

With that I conclude it was an Awesome Sunday indeed! :D

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