Sunday, April 11, 2010

All Random Shots

In the period of me being MIA most of the time, I was casually snapping around. I couldn't really shoot anything interesting on the outing due to piling assignments and exams that I need to worry about. So I just took pictures of whatever that came to mind.
Just a small note: I have actually sold my own DSLR some weeks back, these are the pictures from way before it was sold. Actually, it saddens me to just sell away. I had to do so, because I had no time for photo snapping in a while, at the same time I have to focus more on studies and I don't want the camera to grow fungus (I found that my house temperature and environment suits them best *sigh*)

Anyways, here's the pictures:

A shot of my guitar which is lying around in my room...

Mandarin Oranges during CNY

Some of the collection my family has.

Big baby bottle weih!

Ooo I love the sky! and the clouds~!

A fancy picture of which I captured during an outing at MidValley

They were all drawn by this dude~!
Awesome man!

During lunch time at Delicious, Mid Valley,
this is what I saw hanging around =)

Headless model!

This dude is fehh-ree-king out!
ROFL! Check out this link -!

Red Lantern!

More Lanterns! xD

A flower which bloomed, and fell from one of my mum's plant.

A different view of the sky

Hmmm, a girl tying a ribbon around her waist?
Well it's random alright, hahaha

I guess that's all I have shot randomly!
Enjoy! =D

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