Friday, April 02, 2010

Midst of Exams

Yeaps you got that darn right! Right now as I type, I'm in the middle of my end-of-semester exams (some call it finals, I don't really regard it as the Finals, until the next one 'cause that would really be the FINAL ones) with 2 papers down, 2 more to go: 1 in exactly 12 hours and another one more due next Monday. *takes a deep breath and exhale*

It hasn't been easy on me, especially the troublesome night where I had problems sleeping (been waking up on and off in the middle of the night thinking that it's already the next morning, but only to be disappointed by the darkness that surrounds me) and been kinda lost in many ways I can't really describe

Yup, I do know I've been out of touch in many areas, not to mention social networking. I'll try to a come back for it, for the love of God and definitely for myself, I'd made myself so solemn these days that it almost seemed like I was unfriendly at all... I'm friendly, believe me! *big smiles* See! =D Gotta run now, I only brought myself to write this, as a mere reminder to myself that I still have some obligations around *winks*


  1. All the best bro! Waiting for u!

  2. hey i like your style :)
    i am a software engineering student--third year
    and i am a jolly natured person lol like u
    all the best
    i would be happy if u will see my blog too bro

  3. @Apoorv Singh:
    Thanks dude! Oh software engineering? Cool, I'm studying IT, touching a little on SE too :) THanks for the wishes! :)