Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ze Coolness!

Last week I was given a chance to try out a new haircut (done by hair stylist) from Toni&Guy Academy. I got to thank both Zoeyve and Billy (the hair stylist in training) for the new hairstyle. Of course, it was a little difficult for me, since it wasn't the usual barber hair cut. This time around it took longer time (hours) and more detailed cutting (so many estimations, man hair styling isn't that easy as it seems) but it was all worth it =D Check it out yo!

Tadah! That's me!
Hahahahaha, Just messing with you!

This is the style I wanted to get,
but due to the curly natural hair I've got,
many adjustments had to be done.

That's what I looked like initially.
I was a little doubtful though, since so many estimations
and adjustments needed to be thought through...
And I look retarded like that =.="

See the curls there?
Zoe said I look like a demon-reborn
with small curly horns!
Honestly I can't help laughing thinking of it too
LOL ain't she cute with her imagination? =P

Alright there's Billy!
When he saw me taking snapping here and there,
he was like "What the..."
Until I told him that I was into capturing stuffs and writing about them
Billy's pretty amazing, doing precision cutting...
I heard "vertical graduation and Point&Cut often"
(or something like that)

This was the result! =D
I won't say any further (else you'd be saying that I'm bragging)

So tell me how I look!
What are you waiting for?
Head on to Toni & Guy now!

Toni & Guy
Jalan Bukit Bintang
144/04 4th Floor Patent House, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, KUALA LUMPUR


  1. LOL!! I had my hair dyeing session today too and im gonna grab the address from your blog,okay? Wheee come out yumcha laa machaa!!And Billy is funny!

  2. @Victoria:
    sure thing, you can grab the address :) Ooo you dyed your hair? Awesome! :D You all set up the yamcha and I shall try to make it :D