Saturday, April 24, 2010

Acrobatics Performance @ MidValley

A few months back, when I was to attend for a dinner with my buddies, I saw an interesting performance by a group of young acrobats. Their performance captured the crowds' attention and within moments, the vicinity where they portrayed their elegant acrobatic skills was full of people, applauding at every magnificent move.

These girls have flexible body.
If it was me, I think I'd be in the hospital by then =S

I must admit this is pretty amazing,
her arms are definitely strong!

I admire their balance and focus...

(left) Ahem "How's the view there buddy?" *grins*
He'd probably done that a million times, and still enjoy every moment of it!

(right) *gulps* I better not get close to him, one knuckle sandwich,
and I'd be "full" enough to last me a lifetime!

You think this is easy?
The girl must have lotsa trust in him...

(right) Okay I don't wanna mess with the lady too,
cause I don't wanna end up like him, with the except
that my head's going right through the ground! @_@

I wonder can I even lift up half my weight?

You're wondering what's going on?
Watch the pictures below
(Man I forgotten to put them as pictures in motion - .gif)

Well hope you enjoyed it!
That's all from me on Acrobatics Performance!
This is Jeffro, over and out ;)

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