Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clara C Live in KL!

Just got back from Clara C’s Live Performance in KL! It was Superb!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to not only see Clara in person, hear her sing live in front of a few hundreds of audience, observe her funny gestures and exciting hype on stage, but also to get her album with her autograph and also a warm hug from her! Totally awesome and wicked cool! =D
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In case if you don’t know the lovely Clara Chung, better known has Clara C, do visit her Official Website or YouTube channel. Oh oh, she has Facebook and Twitter too! She has like one of a kind incredibly amazing voice! I’ve heard Jayesslee, Cathy Nguyen, Kina Grannis, Tiffany Alvord, Christina Grimmie, and many more to list, but I must say that Clara C. is on a league of her own.

Check out her videos below! Clara sang song of them at her live performance earlier!

Clara C–Rocketeer (Cover)

Clara C & Joseph Vincent–Rhythm Of Love (Cover)

Clara C–The Camel Song (Original) ONE OF MY FAVORITE!

She co-performed tonight with CharlesJTan (check him out too!)
Charles doing Clara C’s Original Song - Offbeat

What a cool collaboration eh? They were funny and very cool and stage. They seemed to be very comfortable on stage, and they were really in jive, blending with the crowd as their music resonates with our hearts. After their performance, it was time for Meet&Greet session. Did I mention that I got a warm hug from Clara? *grins*
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Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture taken of ClaraC hugging me (but I’m certain the official photographers did, I hope). Anyways, I did get something else – Her album which is personally signed by Clara herself *yeays!*
29112011303 copy
Can’t wait for her next live performance in KL next year! Clara mentioned she’ll bring her band too! =D This is not to miss!!

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