Thursday, November 03, 2011

Student Engagement Center (SEC)

Last Tuesday, I attended a session, SPARC Series 2, conducted by SEC. Well, initially my reasons are to meet Zlwin (aka The Magician), who was the guest start during the session, and also to catch up with ChrisTock (aka Spinzer). But I came to find out that there was more to the whole engagement – It is the idea I’m hoping to realize it one day!
So what’s SEC about? Here’s some info for you:
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) aims to be a coalition or an umbrella body for interest and hobbies-based societies across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The organization serves as a common platform of interaction for college and university students across the region, fostering greater synergy between students in different locations and of different tertiary education system by placing emphasis on community building through interests, leadership development and a more effective method of communication with the advent of the internet age.
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) Malaysia aims to be the umbrella body of all clubs & societies in Universities all over Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak. For more detail information, please visit
How cool is that? I can actually see my vision come true, and it doesn’t have to be years from now. IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! And that is what SEC is all about! *excited!*
This is SPARC Series 2…
The guy there,that’s ChrisTock Smile One heck of a chap! and an inspiration he is!

There’ll be another SPARC Series, The 3rd [EYE]Con coming up! *points to poster*
See Joel Neoh, CEO of Groupon live in person..
and get to know and learn from
Joel, Malaysian Youth Entrepreneur Open-mouthed smile

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