Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Diwali funny moments!

A few weeks ago, most of us celebrated with friends and/or family, the special occasion of "Festival of Lights". As a cultural tradition, Indian friends would invite over family and friends to their open houses to share a wonderful time and eat/drink a splendid meal together.

Well, of course that's not the funny part. What'll make you laugh would be about my visit to a friend's place...

So on 26th October, I went to a friend's (a friend whom I call Raja) place for Diwali lunch. But it turned out to be an awkward moment. How? Here's what happened...

Raja stays in one of those shop-lot houses (houses about the shop-lot; somewhat like apartments). I kind of forgotten which road his house is at, so I called him and he had his nephew guided me there. Upon reaching the his place, I lost sight of his nephew, but I saw a friendly lass whom I believe was a relative of Raja's. I thought she'll be guiding me to Raja's place... Perfectly normal I think; when a friend's coming over, you'll have an escort awaiting for your friend if you're busy preparing stuffs, right? Plus, she was smiling at me! I swear I didn't drink, nor I was on any cough syrups!

Anyhoo, I followed the girl and went up to the house.. and this is where it starts:

Me: HAPPY DEEPAVALI!! *looks around*
The family: Happy Diwali, thank you for coming. Come come, please come in.. *escorts me into the house*
Me: *smiles* Where's Raja?
The Guy: *looks at me, a little puzzled* I'm Raja.
Me: O_O *Looks blur, 'cause though it's been a while, I know that guy ain't the Raja I know* Err, you're Raja?
The Guy: *smiling at me* Yes, I'm Raja.
Me: @_@ *Looks super blur now* Then, where's Sugu? (Sugu's my friend's other nephew.. at least if I had forgotten Raja, I wouldn't forget the charming Sugu)
The Guy: *now he looks blur at me* Who?
*Awkward silence*
Me: hahaha *laughs softly at myself* I think I got the wrong house... *paced out of the door, passed the other members of the family*

I must admit at the sudden moment, it was awkwardly silent, worse still is that everyone's looking at me, till the very end (>_<")

Guess what, not long after I left the house, to catch a breather, my friend (the actual Raja) called and asked me what happened, and why have I not arrived at his place yet. Then, I told him about the incident. He laughed! Well, that's not a surprise at all. He then explained that he had stepped out for a while to get something, and the people whom I met earlier, are his family and relatives. LOL! It means I was at the right place after all!!

So, why wasn't the Raja I met, not the Raja I know? There's a simple explanation for that. Both of them have the same nickname. I can't reveal their full names, but both of their names goes "....raja".

Imagine that...
The same name can be pretty confusing eh?

until today, I'm still laughing at it~! XD

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