Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last 2 Days of Work

Well, I guess at this point of time, there's nothing much to be done here. I've pretty much closed up my tasks, transitioned out outstanding tasks to relevant parties, and followed up on some minor works... Today, they're all done!

Tomorrow's my last day at work!

However, another colleague beat me to it. Her last day is today itself (a day earlier than me!). So we went for her farewell lunch at the nearby KFC. The above picture has had their faces censored to protect their identities, lol.

After lunch, well, we headed back to office to continue our work. For me, I'm starting to clean up my desk, pack my stuffs, clear things out, and you know the drill goes on. I'd probably be missing my "island" (a term used by some colleagues of mine; referring to section of open cubicles). I still have a day left to do whatever there is to do here =)

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