Monday, November 07, 2011

It seems good things are on a streak! I've gotten more great deals, in which I'm very lucky to have budget for - It's my version of investment =) Check out the previous "New, new, new" post, if you're curious what had happened *winks*

So what's new this time around? Haha, well it's another 3 things to mark off my list!
  1. New Laptop - Asus K43U
    One of the latest ones in the market, highly recommended by a friend of mine. It's using one of the latest APU, AMD Brazos Dual Core E-450 processor and is equipped with AMD 6320 discreet GPU. It's so new that it's not even fully updated on Asus's site itself by the time I bought it! Cool eh?!

    I got it upgraded to 6GB of RAM (from it's original 2GB). Many wouldn't believe me if I'd say I got it for less than RM1,300, but I did! Keep in mind that it's 14.1" laptop =P Well, before I got this, I did consider getting the MSI CR650 (15.6" version of this) but I prefer this Asus model because of its battery life span - it can last me more than 5 hours (whilst Internet and document works)! What can I say, it's a good bargain! *winks*

    If you're interested, let me know, I know someone who can get you a good price as he did for me *grins* =D

  2. New Graphic Card for Desktop - ATi Radeon HD 5830
    Not a particular new one in the market, but it's an upgrade in which I can afford. Performing at an average 50% in many areas, this 5830 out performs my previous 4850. Not to forget it comes with a better cooling system and an HDMI support.

    I saw the proven difference in scoring with I tested it with Furmark. What seems to be lagging when tested with the 4850, was so much smoother with the 5830.

    I know, I know.. Many asked the same question too - "Why not 5850 or better? It's not that expensive you know.." But what can I say more, when I was offered less than RM300 for the HD5830? A darn good bargain if you ask me =)

  3. Voltage Stabilizer! for my car...
    Sweet! Finally, I've gotten a DIY voltage stabilizer (VS) that's better than the Zaptor Fusion for a fraction of the price! I got this from an Lowyat Forumer who produces the voltage stabilizers and ground cables for cars as a hobby.

    So what's this VS about? Well, I'll just share what I know about it (I've only done a little research about it, and asked some friends whom had it installed in their cars) The significance of the VS are:
    • Smoother gear shifts (for auto car)
    • Brighter lights and less dim when air-cond compressor kicks in
    • Increases battery life span - stable voltage production through VS
    • Improve fuel consumption
    • Increases engine performance
    • Increase life span of car's electrical and electronic components
    • Etc.

    Except for the fuel consumption (because I had just installed it), the rest are obviously apparent after installation. I'd gotten the VS installed for less than RM200 (yes, another great bargain! *smiles from left ear to the right ear*)


  1. LMAO!!! Uh....I'm not sur eyou're supposed to invest in electronics xDDD
    Unless you still have the oldest version of Atari

  2. @Punk Chopsticks:
    hahaha.. it's definitely not the proper investment, however those are needed as part of my freelancing work. Laptop for mobile working, graphic card for photo editing, and VS for traveling. In a small way it's an investment =P hahaha..