Monday, November 14, 2011

Final Week at Workplace!

Wow, in a blink of the eye, months have passed and here I am serving my final week at office. Looking back at how I've started, things have been pretty great for me. From the simple-minded fresh grad I were a year ago, I joined the company as an associate consultant cum jr. business analyst and within the span of a year, I got promoted to senior consultant rank. Not bad for a rookie, huh? *grins* For those of you who are yet to know me, when I'm at work, I somehow transformed into a raging bull towards its target, or so I've been told.

"You're very aggressive at work.. Slow down la, chill a bit"
"The word 'BUSY' never seems to run away from you. In fact, I believe its your synonym..."

Yea those are the words coming from friends. And I'm happy that I'm being noticed by my efforts, and to have them supported by friends and the management team from the company. It's been a superb experience, I'd say!

I'll bring forward all the things I've learnt and apply whatever I can, as I move forward into the next "ship".

For now, I've gotta get back to work... Wanna ensure that I cover all ends on my side, before I hand over the tasks back to my team =)

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