Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY 2012 1st Day!

As always, CNY 1st Day is dedicated to family members and relatives, but what makes it different is that I have my baby Luxian w/ me as part of the new family member! I guess it’s because of her, there’s a post on CNY =D (my DSLR is too heavy and bulky for quick P&S (Point&Shoot)). So, let’s check out how my 1st Day of CNY is =P


P1050363 copyP1050364 copy

P1050365 copyP1050368 copy

P1050369 copy
Yummey! The same breakfast every year, and it taste awesome each time! =D
Mouth-watering delicacy! =P


P1050362 copyP1050376 copy
My mum and sis


P1050370 copyP1050372 copy
Here’s the star baby of the day!
Jaden’s the name, attraction is what he gained!
(P.s: That’s not the mother)


P1050379 copyP1050381 copyP1050382 copy
More of Jaden
(P.s: She’s his mum)

P1050383 copy
Initially this was silhouette but after some tweak and adjustments,
I managed to add colors and tone it up =D
*proudly shines*


P1050388 copyP1050386 copy
See what I mean?
He’s like here and there from one pair of arms to another!



P1050389 copy
Saw this at Sunway - what an awesome display!



P1050391 copy

P1050392 copyP1050393 copy

P1050394 copyP1050395 copy

P1050396 copyP1050397 copy

P1050398 copyP1050399 copy
Truth be told, I think I gained much here!


P1050402 copy
GrandAunt, Cousins, Uncle & Aunty, Mum & Sis, and me of course!
eating CNY 1st dinner together =)

P1050403 copy

P1050405 copyP1050407 copy
Other relatives arrived shortly after we finished our dinner =)


P1050409 copyP1050410 copy
Here comes the star baby of the night!
Stealing away (my) crowd’s attention


P1050413 copyP1050421 copy
“Sorry Girls, Daddy says I can’t date until I’m 28!”
Wicked cool tee!!
Awwww.. poor lil’ girl have to wait until he’s 28 =P


P1050423 copy

P1050427 copyP1050426 copy
Baby seems to be taken away by gadgets…
nowadays, all babies are like that too, aren’t they?

I know a kid that is so used to an iPad, when shown a laptop, was practically calling the device stupid…
”This thing stupid wan, cannot swipe!”


P1050428 copy
Well, that’s my 1st day of CNY…
Pretty exciting, I’d say =D


So, how was yours?
Share with me, by writing in your comments =)
(Post a link, if valid, to your blog, FB or twitter,
so that I can read up too!)

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