Friday, January 15, 2010

Ain't Too Young, Ain't Too Old either..

Ain't the first time, neither would it be the last time. Well, FYI I've been known for my randomness and spontaneous nature, I mean really spontaneous! If I'm up with the hyped, I'd do the silliest/craziest or the most outraged thing if you've ever thought of doing. Nevertheless I always emphasizes on fun and togetherness. What's better than being around bunch of fun-loving people, who at the same time LOVES randomness as well? So, here I'll show you one of my craziest time and schedule (pre-planned as well as the last minute impromptu plan).

From the previous night, to the next night...

This was on the night of January 12th...
How did it started?
Well it began from a simple suggestion of an outing at 7pm on Twitter, started off between 3 girls - Samantha, Sherry and Wennie. Then, it all changed when I came into the picture... With just " I dun mind driving anytime.. someone needs to pay for the fuel only" and some discussion over Skype, we were already on the go the next minute (about 9+pm). Guess what? It took me two hours to reach the destination - Subang SS15 (which was only 20 minutes away from my place) because I had to pick up Wennie (Puncak Bukit Jalil), JasonOng (Ampang) and Samantha (Jalan Pahang). Reaching the place at around 11.30pm, we found out that the plan had changed. No longer was it at Snowflakes as planned earlier, the rest of the people decided to hang out at FBI (Food, Beverages, Ice) which was next lot. So the remaining people were: Samuel, Sherry, Shaz, Xiang and Alex (who arrived not long after we did). All in all, there were eight (8) of us...

Yeap, as shown, we were playing Up (also known as Jenga), while the others were playing Uno cards on the other side of the table. If you think Sherry's playing only Up, you're wrong! Hell she was multitasking! - Playing both Up and Uno cards (and she won in Uno despite having the most cards at first)

After that, we went for pool!
This was totally unplanned... I thought after food,
we'd head back for some good rest...
Didn't know we only head back at 2+am...

(taken from Samantha)
And you'd really think we'd just head home like that huh?
Hell no~! We had supper first.
And left close to 3am... *roll eyes*

Before leaving I received a package from Audrey,
through Samuel. What's inside?

Voila! My RED M.A.D badge!
Got it for RM3 (but I totally forgotten about it,
I only paid RM2.50 to Samuel, sorry man)

So now it's part of my other badges
(I have a few more, just that I haven't pinned them up yet)
By the time this was up, it was already close to 5am..

Recognize this?
It's definitely KL time alright...
I was already on the go by this time heading down to KL
to join JoyceTedoen for an adventure *grins*

Only to be joined by Nicole later on that morning...
We had fun walking around KL, enjoying the view and
having a jolly good time laughing...

Our 'trip': Pasar Seni -> Petaling Street -> PWTC -> Sg Wang
-> Jalan Alor -> Muzium Telekom -> Pasar Seni

How awesome is that??

We went into Muzium Telekom as visitors.
You know we weren't suppose to be taking pictures inside the muzium..

This is proof! LOL

These were shots taken on the way back to Pasar Seni (starting point)
Saw this big lizard swimming down the Sg Gombak...
Couldn't resist, I took a few snap shots of it!
Damn big way~

So after that, we parted and head home...
Reached home close to 4pm, took a short rest...
And by evening, I'm again up to head to the event of the night.

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night!
Started at 7pm at Modesto's
(will blog about it soon enough)
Went there with nearly the same people I met during the night before..
LOL coincidence? Not! =P
This was already planned ahead about a week ago...

In case if you don't know what Astro B.yond is about,
it's a HD version of the current Astro shows.
And by HD I'm referring to High Definition, not Head Damage (=.=")

Alright, that's all!
This is Jeffro, and Imma signing off!

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