Sunday, January 10, 2010

Running Around Like Papparazzis

Followed a bunch of friends (Xiang, Samuel, Jacquelyn and JackieLoi) on a contest held by Digi and Nuffnang - Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a contestant neither was I part of anyone's team. I was simply there to cheer on friends (there were others too) and also to help 1Koolz (the name of the team I was running with) with their group shots.

Sorry for now there's no pictures,
as I did not use my personal camera,
rather I was using Xiang's camera to do the shots.

Personally, I had lotsa fun chasing them. They ran from one place to another with different objectives/goals to achieve at different stations. To my surprise, nearly everyone was wearing yellow, even had yellow bling blings...

"People were DiGi-fied~"
said JoJo Struys
(Yes she was there, she was the emcee in the evening)

So apparently, the mission/challenge was to obtain stamps from the stations listed on their "passport" and the only way to get the stamps is to perform the task given to them at the respective stations. There were many different tasks - Filming a short commercial, playing dress up, batting baseball, running on threadmills, etc. The best team for each task would bring back some pretty neat prizes (there were MP3, harddisk, gift vouchers, etc). At the end of the day, every team is supposed to submit a blog post on their journey listing activities they had gone through. Again, team with best blog post would bring back something AWESOME (I believe it's a laptop with accessories)

I wonder why I didn't join in the first place.
However team 1Koolz should be awarded as a ROYAL team...
They had 4 photographers running with them... Who??
Me, Samantha, Justin and Jason

How awesome is that?? We had everyone jealous of us *grins*
Hahaha.. I too was surprise, like why the hell they need 4?
Well simple! 4 different angles of shots!
(not so actually since we all shot from the place/angle =P)

Anyhoo, hope I receive the pictures from them,
So I'll be able to post up something too.
Otherwise it's boring just reading plain text..


  1. thank you jeffro for ur support! :D

    no words can describe how grateful i am to have you and the others to tag along throughout the contest (esp u carryin the bags), and i really appreciate you coming! *hugs*


  2. @Jacquelyn:
    Ur very much welcome Jac! :)

    And because of that, our efforts were actually worth it all... It wasn't whether or not we'd share the winnings and stuffs. But it was the experience and fun we all had while doing it. Plus it's for friends, definitely a thumbs up for that :) Nevertheless again, on behalf of the rest, you're utmost welcome *hugs*


  3. Thanksss Jeffro!!!
    WIll pass you the pics as soon as possible which I think wednesday the latest ya! haha....

  4. @Xiang:
    no probs dude.. sure will give ya a call later tonight.. there's a favor I need to ask from you too.. =)

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