Monday, January 04, 2010

Wild Wild West...

Well I'm not entirely sure whether or not I headed to the west earlier, but was definitely sure it's WILD. Chatted with Sherry through Plurk, Twitter and Facebook (Gosh, she was the entertainment la I tell you... luckily she replied, LOL) and then mid way through the morning, say about 5, we decided on something


At 5am? Breakfast? Must be nuts! As nutsy as it sounds, I gave Samuel (who was surprisingly still awake... Why? He was watching American Pie 7, wtf!) a call and inform him of the plan. Yeah as expected he went WTF too, but was totally cool with it. So without hesitation, I head to his place, reaching in less than 20 minutes (talk about smooth road in the morning). Breakfast was scheduled at 7.30am. So meanwhile we chilled awhile - He was doing his stuffs, I was enjoying the aircond (crazy, morning so cold, I'm enjoying aircond wtf) and suddenly...

I played an emo video clip by
Rascal Flatts, What Hurts the Most
and the both of us watched it like some sort of gay couples
(So wrong, so so wrong, but WHAT TO DO?
it's to kill boredom while waiting...)

After that, we watched Kumar the Drag Queen
and laugh our asses off, until Audrey (Sam's sister)
came in the room and went, WTF too. LOL.

Soon, it was time to pick up the Lady Sherry. Still indecisive of where to eat, we randomly selected a mamak (I think it was called Silva's) and bump in there. Had Nasi Lemak (a common breakfast amongst us three) but Sam had a bigger appetite, ordering another plate of Maggie Goreng. We ate, and then chatted on till roughly 10 plus... Then, Sherry decided to get some groceries (guess what? only 2 carrots and 6 potatoes) on the way home.

Now wasn't that some crazy morning plan (breakfast) eh?
Totally out of random and spontaneous...

Update: Continue through the day was just a transaction of mine selling off another lens, in which I had bought a few days back. Yeah I'm like a 'nomad' in some ways. People were complaining, but let's not get there first. Alright, so after the transaction was done, I had nothing else to do (also wanting to avoid traffic jam) I headed over to nearby Sam's place AGAIN. This time around I hanged around MPH (or was it Popular? Can't remember) and read like half a shelf of Photography and Designing magazines (wow, it's been a long time since I read a book properly). So you could roughly imagine how long I was there. This ain't the interesting part just yet. Listen what comes next:

Again with Sherry and Samuel, we head over to
for dinner cum supper...
This time around we had other companions too...
Not from the west, but all around I guess =D

After the meal, head towards Asia Club, for pool
*smacks head* You ain't seen a noob like me!
While Sam was trashing us, Sherry was doing fine,
the others were good, I totally sucked! Blehhh...
One the only one game, I'll never be good at.
Played till 1 plus, before calling it a night.

Practically a whole day out!


  1. lol yeah man =.=gayness
    why did i even let u in LOL

  2. @Seraph:
    becoz u love me! LOL talk abt gayness.. SPREAD THE LOVE man.. XD