Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year's Celebration @ Sam's Place

I believe it's about time that I get my this over and done, don't want to be stuck in the older year, do we? So it was at Samuel's place that a bunch of us (to be exact bloggers and collegemates of Samuel's) gathered to have a blast whilst waiting for the countdown of the new year!

I did a picture of most of us who were there.
It wasn't so crowded earlier, so I managed to capture them...
People who weren't in the picture above:
Shaz, Victoria Pang, AlexGoh and ...
[do let me know who I've missed out pls,
I'll make special appearances for them, *winks*]


What's this?

Still no idea??

haha.. it's Hak Yi Kai (translate: Beggar Chicken)
Only those like ME who arrived super early had a chance to eat it!
Bought specially by Sam's mum for us to feast on! =P
I'd say it's a 9/10 for the taste!

The fiesta.. this is only 1/3 of the food available through the night..
There was also KFC, fruits, Shiraz 7-award-winning wine,
lotsa 'spaghetti', and so forth...

We ate a lot! Played a lot too.. This is only one of the activities...
For those who can't laugh, we'll force it out of it!
"kuchi kuchi kuchi~~ here and there"
Haha.. just kidding, we weren't that bad la..
But definitely we had splendid times, not to forget having neighbours
over to join in the laughter and fun as well...

The night was great, the moon was beautiful and bright...
it was also breezy, not to forget the great companions we had...
Those who stayed on for a chat, well let's just say it's something,
special to the few of us... =)
It's a rare occasion that lasted 12 hours or so...
Chat, jokes, games, serious thoughts, laughter, reminiscence...

if you're asking me, I'd like that moment to happen again...
It's a time, that as much as we'd like to deny it or whatsoever,
we know that there was a chemistry amongst us,
not easy, but was achieved... a special bond... a good start of...
a beautiful friendship..
(Ooo, cheesy... right? *grins*)

Okay, back to where we were....
(damn potong stim eh?)

SOME people couldn't take it...
Say join the chat, yeah, where did we find them at the end of the day?
On the couch, happily dozing off..
Chill, he deserves the rest, he's been putting on a great time
for all of us... He was so busy the whole night,
serving each and everyone of us, not leaving anyone unattended..
a great chap! a round of applause for him, shall we?

At first, I brought my BabyNovo to personal use,
didn't know it ended up for the public... Cool facility though..
It sorta like "Hey there's Live Blogging/Action/Twitting too!"

Right... on the the left is Amanda who looks absolutely worn out..
after the whole night of chat and lame stuffs...
She was outbeaten by a lame question.. (inside joke)
On the right, however is Ms Victoria aka DaPiggy who had the most
sleep among us... She was asleep from the time I arrive...
And slept the earliest too...
like super anti social weih...
(muahaha... im sure gonna get strangled by her later on, but wth... )

So that was how my new year came about...
How about yours?