Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bad Turned Good

Started off my day pretty badly as most of my promised transactions were canceled due to buyer's change of mind. Guess my thoughts and plans of changing to another camera system will have to postpone till further notice (even though it's still on sale). However, things went around, for the better...

'Cause it was time to other plans to commence!
Rock climbing with a bunch of great friends *grins*

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Funny how things turned around, one minute it was terrible news when things didn't go according to plan, the next minute, had people who'd entertained me in many different ways. You'd probably laughed at how it went. Well, I haven't done wake up calls in ages, so it's was kinda fun to be able to do it again.

Wake up calls for Samuel and Sherry.
Samuel needed a 10 minutes wake up call... but...
Sherry needed a 40 minutes wake up call!
Funny as it sounds, well I guess it's probably my fault
for causing her to sleep late,
the very same morning. Teehee =P

So even as we're late for our first meet up at Xiang's place, things were going on pleasant. Hahaha, so what's next? Pool (another game of bang-the-balls-into-the-hole)!! A game in which I'm no good at... Had a few rounds of pool after lunch time with Samuel, Sheery, Xiang, Samantha and Jacquelyn too. And just then, when looking at the time, we found out we were late! Dang~! Nevermind that, being late has its fun:

Xiang whom I thought knew the roads,
was actually confused as well.
So he took us for a 'ride' here and there,
in search of the rock-climbing gym (Mad Monkeyz)...
Wasted like 20 minutes...

Guess what???!!!
We had Justin and Kok Yong trailing us too!
So... They were following the 'blind' Hahahaha..
Laughed at the moments, they're dead funny!

Finally arrived at the gym, we signed up and started our routines - Climbing up the walls like monkey. Due to deprived of sleep (actually I didn't sleep LOL) I don't really have the energy to do all the mumbo jumbo, but I still continued having fun. Joined along with the rest who were there earlier, it was definitely a very fun-filled moment. I believed the Jeremy, Victoria, Emilia, JackieLoi, Jacquelyn and Evelyn were there to get a head start in the session. Honestly, there were more of playful times instead of the times climbing the walls. Hahaha. Just about 2 hours from there, I was dead tired, and so was Samuel.

So~~ We fell asleep towards the end of the session *shy*.

After the rock-climbing session, it was dinner time!

AGAIN, some funny moments surfaced!
Had dinner at Georgetown Kopitiam at WangsaWalk
but Samuel and I, decided to pack food from other place...
Initially we planned to get A&W's, but changed
to get Subway's instead, and eventually
hopped back to A&W for their waffles and rootbeers!
LOL, how fickled minded guys can be, eh?

After dinner, supposedly we're to go for bowling. However upon arrival at the bowling centre, suddenly all of us decided not to bowl. Instead, we sat around in the bowling center, and played cards. Lame as it is, our first card games was Samuel and I stacking cards. The rest complaint boring of course, so we switched to play Big Two. Only played a few rounds, we were all completely exhausted of our balance of energies. We headed home there after.

Though I'm awfully tired, however my mind just doesn't
want the moment I had earlier, to end.
The energy's gone, but the spirit still around...

'Cause I know, if I fall asleep now,
I'll wake up knowing that it's over,
and good will turn bad...
Nothing good comes from my college...
Hours from now will prove me that statement *sigh*

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