Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bestie In Da House...

Having Siew Mei around is always a pleasant time, not to forget a fun-filled moment too. For a girl who's usually busy with uni stuffs and this and that, she still finds time to hang out with me whenever it's possible *hearts*. So whenever she's around, we'd do silly things, talk heart-to-heart-then-to-nonsense stuffs, chill out, watch TV (if at home) have a meal (or supper) and just enjoy each other's company. Dang I miss the times when I could just walk down to her house, which is just blocks away from mine... Miss the times when we had more free time to chat in the wee hours of the morning and then meet up for breakfast. Ahhh the good ol' times (it's a figure of speech, NO I'm not old, I'm still 17 *winks*)...

So with her around this time, I decided
to snap pictures of her...

Who's the mystery girl?

She's Siew Mei! LOL
"She blames me for stuffs, like everything's my fault..."
just kidding, *grins*

She's funny

Not to mention cute too...
ask her to do 9 expressions,
she managed only 3... (=.=")

Then i decided to get some action too...

Trying to make a statement.
I got small eyes, she got big ones!

Ooo yeah, the fedora comes out... *grins*
and that pretty much wraps it all up!

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