Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night @ Modesto's

Last week, thanks to Nuffnang, Astro, Azaria and Shaz that I was able to attend the night celebrating Astro B.yond's enhancement into our (well actually for those who subscribed for Astro) daily screenings of TV (cartoons, discovery, sports, etc) and international movies (HBO, Star Movies, etc). For those who don't have Astro, it's never too late to subscribe for it. They have good deals and packages now.

High Definition (HD) is one of the latest and major improvements in TV technology today, allowing viewers to witness and experience roughly five times the details of standard definition television broadcast.

And now, Astro B.yond, Malaysia's first High-Definition broadcast, brings you a complete sensory experience – sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before. (Astro)

Alright, that's about it on Astro B.yond intro...
Now let's move on to the Bloggers Night!!

People (Duh, bloggers, media, etc)...
(Pizza was awesome! Buffet was great!)...
Game (Who is the Murderer?)... Booze (Free flows baby!)...

Experience, See, Hear, Touch and Feel...
(I'll show ya later how it is done *grins*)

Pizza was my favorite for the night!
Dang, it's thin, crusty, cheesy~~
Gosh so orgasmic~!
Gone within minutes... *nods* (not a second later)

I had the top view... The floor was too crowded...

And I never knew how good it felt to look DOWN on people..
Until I was ABOVE them all, like literally...
LOL, no offense people... Just kidding only *grins*
Everyone gathers on the floor as they will be soon
witness something amazing!

Spotted friends around on the floor...
They were thrilled already!

Then, Mr Henry Tan (CEO of Astro) stepped up to the stage...
Letting us on some kick-ass story on how powerful blogging has been,
reminding us that even Astro is changing their game for the people

And we for the first time, witness the HD of Astro B.yond TV commercial...
One of Malaysian's longest TV commercial... to about 2.30 minutes..
OMG, it was mind blasting! i was dumbfounded, like seriously!
Details... Colors... Sound...
if I could, I WANNA GET 1 MYSELF!

The crowd was definitely awed away by the awesome-ness of HD!

After that superb premiere of the commercial,
it was finally time for dinner-is-served-so-EAT-up!
The food was really good! Modesto's a fine choice for dining!

Then there was a game for everyone to play
"Guess who the Murderer is"
Players are grouped in each team of 5 members,
first one to guess who the murderer is heads to the next round.
Clues are hidden around the place... Find them... and make a guess...
Guess it wrong, and you're disqualified.

So here's the dead guy (Huai Bin in act)
But who's the murderer?
I'll leave that a mystery to you...
(Too bad you weren't there eh? =P)

This is the winning team.. KY, ShaolinTiger and gang...
Only one of them gets to take home
a 32" LG HDTV and 1 year free subscription of Astro B.yond!
Wootza! Lucky guy!
Who's the person? I'm sure you're smart enough to find out..
(hint: many other blogs has the answer)
[i like mysteries, do you? *grins*]

Not to forget, there was also a pretty cool live music performance for us!

Then, it's bloggers jumping around!
They're hyped up! =D

And Dustyhawk pretending to be dead...
Good boy, aren't you a good boy?

Of course when you have a pretty lady going around,
never miss the chance to snap a picture with her...
Give it up for JojoStruys!

Well I know this is the moment you've been waiting for...
I know I know.. Imma AWESOME~
Thank you thank you...
Seriously, thank you... *grins*

Suresh, Hitomi and Dusty...
Portraying a crime scene...
if only there was blood...

*feels awkwardness*
What? I'm just saying...
sheeessshh, can't you people take a joke?

And the peeps partying~!
Dancing and laughing around...

Hmmm.. I wasn't sure what this was all about...
Probably Huai Bin was making his moves...
To the left, to the left? (from my point of view)

This is you'll be seeing a lot, when you have too much of booze!
hahaha, kidding... I'm not drunk...
OooOoooo, I see light!

Here's a picture of me and Azaria!
is it me, or she looks drunk?
Hahaha.. Kidding Azaria... don't be mad at me k? =D

Last but not least, people signing on the welcome board...
This is not even half of the list yet...

So that's me, yours truly, Jeffro signing off...
See ya real soon!
Have a great time!


  1. saw that bro! jojo so so so hawwwtt

  2. @Evo:
    Hahaha.. awesome man.. =D
    yes agree with u all the way... =P

  3. ooo i wasn't drunk laaa, i just take bad photos :P

    thanks for coming dude!

  4. @Aza:
    LOL Nevertheless you do look happy there.. =D That's what it's all about..

    No probs... Let me know on any upcoming ones... Wanna be part of big stuffs... =D

  5. That is fun fun fun all the way.
    How I wish I can be there too :)

  6. @Iriene:
    Hehehe.. Yeapz! No worries, join us the next time there's an event like this.. =)

  7. ahhh but i didn't win the tvvvvv

  8. @KY:
    ohhh, it's okay la.. you had fun also ma =D