Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suddenly Gone Without A Word

Yea I know it does seemed like I've been a distance away. And I will continue to be away from blog for quite some time due to really busy times trying to complete assignments and work too. Hence, there might not be any updates for the time being. Sorry for the current lack of humor post or anything. Will try to update from time to time with current or past events (actually there's quite a number, but I haven't gotten the time to write much due to the fact that my creativity and endurance to all dedicated to the matters mentioned earlier). With the little time I have left for the assignments, I still hope that I'd be able to do a good job for it, wish me luck ya!

Thanks for being understanding =)


  1. ish ish poor blog kena abandoned by you XD

    Gambateh Myvi! :D
    (i know i said m not gonna online but i couldn't resist. XD)

  2. @Stephy-nie:

    haha.. thanks! =D
    Well I know you can't resist being online... Totally understandable.. *winks* Yeah gotta leave the blog unattended for the time being though..

  3. dont worry man keep it up just keep going you will do your best

  4. @littlestar:

    thanks =D glad to hear that.. =D

  5. hey hey.. i hope everything is going smoothly for u! i still remember how u encouraged me to go try out for the cabin crew post! if i get the job i must treat u makan with my first pay! :)

  6. @WenPink:
    Heyya! Well i hope everything's fine as well, right I'm just living each moment as it goes.. Yeah i heard of you going for the post, hope you get it! *winks* :D

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  8. @Lydia:
    will do, thanks so much for the compliments... Likewise, you have a good day too :)