Monday, October 10, 2011

Magical Night!

Today, I woke up to a blue sky and my heart skipped a beat! It was breathtaking! or maybe perhaps it's just an exciting moment because it's been quite a while since I last saw such a clear blue sky... For those who don't know, it's been pretty hazy lately (probably due to the bushfire from Indonesia, not sure) and boy I could not differentiation clouds from the sky. At that moment, I'm very sure that today's gonna be a great day!

Took my family out to Sunway Pyramid, had good meals, and got some really cool and nice pictures of cats from a Cat Exhibition (MCFA Cat Exhibition 2011) =)

And alas, tonight, when told by my Sis about the moon, I witnessed something truly amazing! I saw a clear full moon, with its moonbeam radiance (halo) SO HUGE like you've never seen anything like it before! What's more if it's directly above MY HOUSE! Yes, I had to strain my neck look directly up! To top that experience, I saw the slow motion of the cloud curtain moving from one point of the radiance to the other... IT WAS SO COOL! (Update: this phenomenon is known as the Moon Dog, now I can't wait for Sun Dog to appear!)

Sorry, I stood at different angles to take the picture, but you could see motion of the line there (except for the last 2 pictures which were taken for fun, after the cloud curtain disappeared) =)


  1. so many ppl caught the moon while. i didn't coz i was fast asleep:P

  2. hahaha, well that's alright, I know got to know it when I first heard it from my sis (who were reading comments over Twitter/FB).. that was already nearing to midnight >_<"