Sunday, October 23, 2011

Night + Ideas = Nideas!

Can't sleep at night, 'cause you've got a lot on your mind or suddenly there's a gush of ideas in your mind?

Well, one of the suggested solutions would to get them thoughts out of your mind. How? Fairly simple, move the thoughts out of your head and into a written form - paper, notes, etc.

If you're wondering whether this works or not, why not just give it a try and see what happens? Otherwise, your other choice would be to stay up pondering with it until you grow tired of it =P

Sometimes I do both! Only because when I write down an idea, it leads to another and soon grows to a concept which later on makes me really glad I managed to write it out =) Else, come morning, I'd be scratching my head over what happened last night that kept me awake the whole time =D

So what do you need to get the thoughts/ideas out? You just 3 things:
1. Night Lamp (optional but better to have some clear light, especially if you have a lot of things to write)
2. Paper (and lots of it, better in the form of a notebook)
3. Pen (duh, definitely!)

With this I hope you can get a good night rest! =D

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