Monday, October 31, 2011

Multiple (Backdated) Post

Finally gotten myself to grab the pictures off my phone to blog about it. I must admit I was pretty lazy to send the pictures to my computer via Bluetooth, what more to say about dragging the card reader out. But, alas I did it! Boy there’s a whole bunch of picture I had forgotten about as well! *laughs*

Anyhoo, let’s get going on with it (before I run out of juice to do it) and let’s do it from the recent going backwards:

Walk Around @ The Scott Garden Mall

30102011203 copy30102011204 copy

On a hot day like no other, I usually hate to be in the house sweating (sit in front of a stand fan doesn’t help). Thus, I decided to head out with my family. Tesco in Old Klang Road, came to my mind and it seems to be a great idea as I hadn’t been there before. The place there was big, but quite a lot of empty lots there. But once everything is in place, believe me it’s gonna be a hit place to hang out. There’s a Zen area where there are pretty bonsais around!

In Tesco, well nothing’s different than the other Tesco outlets. So I went around wandering, especially at the cool section – Frozen goods. Saw a pretty interesting sticker at the coolers there – “We are able to reduce our prices as the temperature regulators in our freezes help save energy by up to 30%” by Tesco. Initially, I thought that the prices will be dropped by 30% but by the second time I read it, then I knew that was just my fat hopes. It’s like other F&B outlets saying “The above pictures are for illustration purposes only”, what gives! Then, walked around a little more, to find out that Tesco is really into ripping off people’s creating their own products, they’ve got drinks, food and snacks in their brands! How crappy cool is that?!

Halloween Decoration @ Great Eastern Mall

I attended the newcomer’s session at Great Eastern Mall, and as I was about to head back home, I decided to call my friends out for a drink (didn’t want to waste my time driving all the way to Ampang from Sri Petaling, without meeting some buddies of mine). Instead of yumcha (Translate: drink or hangout session) with a bunch, I only manage to get hold of Colbie. As I called her out for a drink, I went walking around the mall (it’s a habit of mine – can’t stay still during a call; tend to walk around) and I came across an exhibition of Halloween Decoration! So quickly I snapped a couple of pictures =) Unfortunately, didn’t buy anything because I know this year I won’t be celebrating it.

3rd Wave Concert @ FGA, KL

15102011199 copy

On 15th October 2011, Brian Joo and Alexander Lee (from uKiss) came to perform at what is known as the Third Wave Evangelism. Not so sure about the entire occasion, but I know I enjoyed the awesome songs sang by the two Korean pop stars. Ooo, there was another Korean guy (grew up in the same city as Brian) by the name of Pastor Johnny (PJ) in whom, seems to me as the guy who spearheaded the event.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sales @ MAERPS, Serdang

11102011197 copy11102011198 copy

About a week before the 3rd Wave Concert, I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales. The size of the hall had me awed, but the selection on books didn’t impress me a bit. May be all the good ones were taken, I don’t know. I did after all went there about a week or so after its first day opening. *sigh* I reluctantly bought a book (which was okay, but not really what I wanted) for the sake of buying at least a book there. Thought I’d find something that would feed my interest in some areas – sales & marketing, biz management, people management, photography; but na-dah there was nothing of my liking.

Real Steel Screening @ GSC, Pavillion KL

08102011179 copy08102011176 copy

Was invited by Stephanie to catch the premier screening of Real Steel before it is officially released publicly in the local cinemas. Before the movies, Stephanie and I walked around Pavillion. Since neither Stephanie nor I had been to the Tokyo Street in Pavillion, I decided to talk a stroll there, and see if I could get any snacks before the movies (was rather hungry though), but to my dismay, the snacks there were awfully expensive. Maybe they are imported goods from Japan, but seriously a bag of chips about the size of Jack N’ Jills is about RM10? Gosh! Then, I saw bottles of sake being displayed at one of the shops. They weren’t affordable for me either. I guess alcohols are expensive, that I won’t deny. But a bag of chips costing around RM10, seriously?

Festival City - Building in Progress @ Setapak

08102011175 copy

Brought my car for tinting (bought somewhat a good deal off and as the personnel there attend to my car, I took a walk outside (I can’t sit still, what more to wait for at least an hour until my car is ready). Back then, I saw a mall that had a signage stating that it would be ready by 20th October 2011. I wonder if it’s all ready now…

VERTIGO KL’s Soft Launch @ Garden’s Rooftop

06102011171 copy

One the nights after work, I invited a colleague cum good friend of mine, Handy to a night club named VERTIGO. I had received an invitation via phone and email prior to it, and was allowed to invite a guest along. So the moment the clock hit 7pm, we were out of the building and heading towards to party! It wasn’t that all big, rather it’s kinda cramp once the crowd was all arrived there. Not to mentioned it was smoky as well, I could hardly breathe with all the cigarette puffs coming from all direction. We saw many hot and good looking ladies, but we were turned off once we saw most of them were smokers too! I don’t know about you or others, but I have a thing here – I don’t like lady smokers; whether they’re smart or they’re pretty, so long I see a cigarette at the lips of the lady or a smoke puff coming out of her mouth, I feel disgusted (>_<”)

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