Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Listen to Your Dentist!

I had learned a great lesson as I stepped out of the dentist clinic earlier today. To be honest, I've not visited the clinic in a long while, or more specifically in years. Dentist tells me to be regular, but I guess the fright of the screeching sounds from the tools kept me away. But not today, as I gathered my courage *takes a deep breath* and walked into the room. It wasn't all pleasant for me, after all, it had been years since I was last there (and no I didn't go anywhere else). So, I got my check up, my cleaning and patching for some minor cavities *yikes!* Okay I didn't do a great job at dental care, so sue me! (Noooo, I'm kidding! Don't sue me, I'm broke... and you'll know why in a bit)

The price to pay for the time I've missed is great (somewhat RM500) but considered rather small if you calculate it based on the years. Nevertheless, there's still traces of burning in my wallet as I "speak" this. "Why so expensive?" Well, I guess I missed out the part on the x-ray? "What x-ray?" Yeah I got some abnormal wisdom tooth (molar) growth, and according to the dentist, whom by the way is very good, I've got to undergo a dental surgery soon, otherwise I'll be potentially losing more teeth. (See the illustration below for better understanding)

Impacted Molar

You see, in the recent years I've somewhat grown extra wisdom teeth (molar) on bothleft and right ends of my jaws. Well, that's normal, but what's not normal is the position they grew in. Though not normal, this kind of scenario happens rather frequently amongst people, but they are usually taken care of when found. In my case, I only thought they were broken tooth, since I could only see a portion of it. Little did I know, after the x-ray was done, they were full grown teeth with good, strong and long nerves with it *facepalm*. The risk is here that if left there for long, I may lose out my front molars, and eventually have nothing to chew my food. I may have to wear denture!!! *OMGosh!!!*

So lesson learned well - Visit the dentist often, and keep your teeth in good care. Otherwise, you'll soon regret it!

P.s: But I guess it's a good thing for me, if I had waited until next year, I might be in real trouble. Hehe, so for now, I've gotta plan for the right time and plan financially how to take care of this - It's a surgery after all, big time money investment in dental care!


  1. I got the same problem last year and it cost me about RM600 for the surgery only. T_______T
    Post-surgery care is minimal and normally the dentist will issue 3days of MC. You can postpone the procedure as long as it doesn't hurt or giving you any trouble.
    Good luck!
    P/S: I still keep the pieces of impacted molar that have been extracted out.... LOL

  2. @Diese:
    Woah.. I gotta prepare more than that, my dentist advised the surgery may cost up to RM1k+ per molar (>_<") Currently it's annoying, because the food get stuck there all the time.. Haven't hurt yet, but I better get it done before it does, planning to do so sometime early next year..

    Still keep the extracted molar? Cool! I'll frame mine up if possible =P