Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Real Steel! review

A big thanks to Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia for the chance of being part of Premiere Screening of Real Steel. It is certainly one of the best action movie I've seen in a long time, and I'll let you know why just in a bit =) Before that, I just wanna share what my answer was for the question posted by Nuffnang:
Question: How you would build your own fighter robot?

Simple! A shape-shifting robot, with state of the art technology and abilities... flexible adamantium build, with nano-suit abilities that allows restructuring of any part quick and without problem.. You don't need a chainsaw if you have the awesome hybrid martial arts (JiuJitsu, Kickboxing, Aikido, etc) programmed into it... Virtually undefeatable, #1 in the ring, #1 in your hearts (for the fans; gotta love the crowd right?), #1 in the world, the 1 and only, The Real Steel! =) Let's not forget its great sponsor and partner, Nuffnang *grins*.

Hehehe, that was how I scored a pair of invitations to the screening. Alright enough about that. So let's move onto the review of the show. The movie Real Steel, is no doubt an awesome show, and I bet those who had watched me with me would say so too.

Some super awesome technology was shown - Transparent and Flexible OLED screen panels for phones and computers! I think they are concept phones and computers on screen for marketing/promoting purposes, by Nokia and HP as I saw them repeatedly shown in obvious manners. Boy will Nokia and HP be a big talk once they go on screen officially to the public! The future technology displayed throughout the movie was rather realistic (we'll prepare ourselves for lots of robot-action sports?)
The storyline is touching - I can still clearly remember the heartfelt sentence between a father and a son "I've tried my best, what do you want me to do?", then "I just want you to fight for me, that's all that I ever wanted". From distanced strangers to close bonding, it's simply the perfect storyline!

This is a movie that can be watched by anyone. I would say it's a family movie, because it shows the value of appreciation, family bonds and teamwork! An important aspect was brought to the screen, in that the power of recognizing opportunities that will potentially change everything and the power of will to see it through. It proves that size does not matter, it's the heart that counts. One may have the best technology, best program, best experts to operate it, but if it does not have the heart for it, it's just another thing that comes along and goes away eventually.

Max found his robot

Also, the movie exhibits that humans in the future are more civilized - though they want more action, but they are aware of the consequences of directly involving human in the process, hence replaced it with disposable or expandable technology - Get the humans out and let the robots do the fighting!
For the characters, I like the kid (Dakota Goyo aka Max Kenton) who starred in the show, his emotions were genuine and I gotta admit it, he was the key person who made the show pretty touching. Also you gotta love his eyes! (Watch the movie and you'll know! *grins*) Also, not to forget both Hugh Jackman (Charlie Kenton) and Evangeline Lilly (Bailey Tallet) who were both SEXY and HOT, yet expressing a great deal of affection - Not many people are able to show genuine love and gratefulness.

Charlie talking to the robot, Atom
Charlie and the Ninja Boy 

So how do I rate this movie? I guess from all the points above, I could sum into a figure of:

9.5 out of 10

What happened to the balance of 0.5? Well, let's just say, when you pay attention to the details. Heavy object should have a heavy impact on the ground, unless it's rubber, but in the case of metal, well I didn't quite see that. Also, there's a certain truth that was not reveal, in regards to Max Kenton's ability to interact with robots (or perhaps that's part of the mystery that should be adding value to the movie). Last but not least, in case if others didn't notice this (can't blame anyone, the overall was great, and many would close one eye on this) the continuous battle of robots, though show great damage impact throughout the fight, but have seemed to "restored" back to an earlier condition once it had ended. The dent that was created, seem to have gone away. But all these were minor stuffs, hence only the 0.5. When giving a review, one should be fair =)

I wouldn't mind watching this movie for the second time! (Well, but in fact I did! How? That's for me to know, and for you to find out *winks*)

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