Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogger's Gathering @ MidValley

Victoria aka Vox, and Angelina aka AngelKein held a bloggers' gathering at MidValley today..

Time: 1.00pm | 1300hours
Date: 15.2.2008
Venue: MidValley Starbucks
People expected: Many

However the number of people was not really much to shout about. Turns out many people FFK us - some claimed said they were sick and some not free.. But it was still good, cause we have a GREAT time.. =D

Then, it was time for lunch!

We took 20 minutes to crack our heads
over lunch, while waiting for others to come..

The funny thing is we went one big round,
up and down again,
just to end up at:

Yeah, we had lunch at Chili's Grill & Bar

This is Victoria. =D
(ooo.. she's so gonna give me a nice butt kicking xD)

There's other 4 + 1 (me of course) = 5 people
Kai Chi

Then, while awaiting our meals to arrive,
we overheard a Birthday song at one corner..
So I had this whacky idea:

Victoria and I was forced went happily
and wished them surprisingly..
(Well, practically anyone will be surprised,
seeing a stranger suddenly coming up to you
and say
what more do you expect when there's 2 of us? xD)

See how surprised HAPPY she is??
Oh dang! I forgot to ask for her name.. LOL!

Then, suddenly we were shoo-ed we moved
to another table to allow a BIGGER group
to intrude our space sit because we
are such good people.. =)

Oh well, that doesn't change a thing does it?
We could still smile and laugh xD

Lucky for us, the manager was kind enough
the Nachos were on the house.. Wootza! =P
maybe he knew we were bloggers and that
would result in bad publicity

He's alright =)

But it seems there was a lil' conflict going on
earlier with Angelina and the manager:

I think this is how it went, I think..

Angel: Hey mister, got leng chai or not?
(referring the people who stole
our table
were waiting for us)

Manager: haha.. I think you surely did not
have a date yesterday
(yesterday was Valentine's)
Angel: Hmmph! Pfft..


After waiting for sometime,
finally LUNCH is SERVED:

I had this giant size "baby"..
Seriously it's not that easy to "handle" it..
I couldn't finish it.. =(
Was good, but a lot for me..

Zhao order Lamb Shank..
Shyiok-nyer seeing him eating it..
Zhao said it tasted good.. =)

Looks like a clean spaghetti ei?
Well, it's the "second plate".. Why?
After eating it for 5+ minutes,
both Angelina and Victoria said
it doesn't taste good

Angelina called the Manager, and instead of
saying that it doesn't taste nice,
she said the food is cold..
So the manager did his duty like a good manager
and sent it to the kitchen only to have it
warmed up in the microwave (or so he said)

Both Angelina and Victoria, still couldn't
finish the plate of spaghetti, cause the food
taste the same.. LOL!

After a while, Aaron and SuAnnT joined us
(Sorry, I don't know how to spell her name)
for a photography session? Nah, of course
they joined us for the chat.. Duh...

After lunch!
We Go Jalan-Jalan!

Kai Chi suggested that we should go
window shopping =.=" wtf

But look where we end up going to?

LOL! He can still smile over it..

Entering the pool area,
I can conclude that guy like balls
of different sizes.. (sounds so wrong, wtf)

Pool-ball (picture above),
Snooker ball (thought of it after pool ball),
Foot-ball (saw on tv),
Foos-ball (I played a game with Zhao),
Bowling-ball (was below the Pool bar),
PingPong-ball (known widely as Table Tennis),
Basket-ball (couldn't find a good court),
Soft-ball (I heard it somewhere),
and of course, MEAT-BALL!!

Angelina wanted to watch a movie,
but there's just too many people,
most of them wanted to see GENG..
(a malay animation)

Aaron and friends managed to get themselves
some movie tickets.. SO LUCKY~~! Grrr!
and went in earlier..

We on the other hand ended up laughing
over something that Angelina said..

We were talking about Benjamin Button,
and suddenly the blur Angelina came in:
"Huh? MyBelly-Button?"

LOL! How can something like that sound
so far apart.. I just don't know.. Hahaha XD

At the end of the day:

After all those laughing moments,
we decided to walk around again..
Zhao had to leave
Then we got tired, and we found
ourselves the SoFa..

Believe, 5 of us could fit on that sofa,
and we sat there for more than 30 minutes..

What did we do then?
We crap, laugh, crap again, laugh again,
rating people, laugh and laugh, and chat
random topics (boobs and butts were involved)..
And that's what we did before ending the session..

Thanks to Victoria and Angelina for inviting me..

See you guys sometime soon,
in person or online.. xD

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  1. OMG! The last pict! I look so gay la! lol

  2. kicks Jeffro's ass real hard!!!!!

    weh tht pix looks so stupid and fat weh!!!T=T
    when i saw that pix i was thinking 10times whether to put in the candid or not..and now~~what turff!! lol

    *chill*PEOPLE IM FAT!!

  3. @KaiChi: hahaha.. got meh?? i dun think so la.. it's okay.. =D

    @Vox: hahaha.. =D Cool ei? Candid pictures r nice.. plus it shows a cool side of ppl that's real ma.. xD


  4. KaiChi : Chill la. You dont 'look' only. ahahha. the thing u did in Chillis was 'sexy' ahaaha

  5. choiii.
    say until i so ciplak.
    my name mentioned so many times!
    and owh. i invite u wan kay.
    lawl. jk.

  6. @angelkein:
    eh thats so random leh??! LOL my name is mentioned so many times! what turf was that???! LOL~~

  7. @Aaron: LOL! SEXY?? oh so wrong..

    @Angel: say ur name so many times, means more publicity for you ma.. Good kan?

    @Vox: aiyo both of you got lotsa publicity here.. free one some more.. *winks* maybe i should charge? hahaha..

  8. @Jeffro:
    in your dreams man...IN YOUR DREAMS.^^

  9. @Vox: well that's why i like sleeping.. ^^

  10. T_T is that the only picture of me that everyone has?? that huge face of mine.............

    It's in all the blogs T_T
    My reputation of a cool guy is gone... hahahaha.

  11. @Jeffro:
    what the~~*now im speechless over the hedge im just breatheless...*

    lol what turh~~

  12. @Zhao: No la.. That's a nice picture that everyone has.. ^^ No la.. Still cool, staying cool.. =D

    @Voxy: LOL, told ya =) *pats back* Oh well you'll get a hang of it..