Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's down?? TMnet!

Case: Went on a formal trip to retrieve information in regards of my current assignment.. Dang, went through so much trouble just to find out a certain truth..

How much trouble am I talking about? Well let's see...

Problem faced:
  1. I went to the nearest TM Clickers (give no answer, redirect me to TM Point)
  2. Sent an email (No reply)
  3. Called them up (only to find out that they don't know anything)
  4. Did I mention I called them 3 times (total duration of call: 1 hour)
  5. Search high-and-low for the nearest TM Point (only to know that it does not provide the services we are seeking for)
  6. Called the centre again (No one there)
  7. Saw this:
Sistem down.. I thought was System Down?
Hmmm.. thinking about it, direct translation
would be: Sistem Bawah

AngelKein was asking why the Internet sucks so bad?

Well, I guess this answers that Angel..

Conclusion: I still haven't gotten any information that is needed to complete my assignment..

Resolution: Next week, will continue doing research on more Internet Service Provider (ISP)