Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Course + Subjects

The world as we know has come to an era, where a new generation of nations have arised - The world of filled with bloggers: bloggers of different ages, culture, background, from almost all parts of the world..

I recon educational institutions should start
a Blogging course!

Why? How will it benefit the people? Well, let's see. Since people (young and old) today (I'm assuming mostly) like to go online, following the current trend, the latest news, online SHOPPING, and READ BLOGS, as they are more attractive, colorful, so why not open an opportunity for the young one to learn more on how to blog, how to write properly, and allow them to see for themselves what are the beneficial blogs and what are not. *grins*

What subjects could possibly be included?
Hmm, I gave it some thought *coughs*
and helped name some of the modules:
Blog Engineering,
Blog Management,
Applied Blogging,
Intelligent Blogging,
TechBlog Entrepreneurship,

Hey, it may sound complicated but look at the current world we are in, ain't things complicated as it is? If they put in something interesting like blogging stuffs, heck I'm pretty sure they would be more students than rascals.n *rolls eyes*

The cost for such things may not come in cheap, but if it's truly an educational, would the "cost" of producing brighter, and advantagous bloggers who could not only, by then build, manage, or write, but also get involved in advertisements, socializing, and build international relationships. *looks far into the future* (fuiyo!)

Wouldn't that be more realistic?
Since the outcome would be very obvious?



  1. *hugs*
    Alright initial fees, RM10,000
    I take credit terms.. =D