Monday, February 23, 2009

I Feel Like a Soccer Ball..

Today was a very "interesting" day for my friends and I. How interesting was it? Hmm let me see, woke up early despite not having any classes today (supposingly this week is my sem break, unfortunately nothing good comes from my assigment). Went for breakfast, and then started off our "expedition for world domination" (pfft, yeah right, it's just an assignment)

So what's about this assignment? I'm required to do a research on Internet Service Provider (ISP) in regards of the connection, configuration, cost, and anything that relates to a Wide Area Network (WAN). Actually, we started the research since last week..

However, something was different today..
I made a huge discovery..

There are so many headquarters in TM Net..

I went to one TM Point, and they redirect me to another stating "Our HQ is located at [place]. You can get further technical details there". Then, when we got to the so-called HQ in another TM Point, we were told the same thing, however this time the HQ is refering to another place. Wow, total genius ei? Who would have thought that an ISP would have so many HQ. I guess it's for security purposes, or maybe it's just to keep us - the information-seeking-idiots away from their office.

We wasted half a day, just to find out that the ACTUAL HQ was located in Menara TM. But the story does not end there (oh surprise me).. We only got to know that it is the actual one, after speaking to one of the higher-positioned staffs there.. Before that, the same story happened, but we were too lazy to listen to them any further, we decided to request for their manager instead. Smart right?

Not long after speaking to the manager,
it is sad to know that our efforts
are simple a waste of time
(or maybe not)

We were told by the manager that we needed some specific details, in regards our of enquiries: who were we, why we needed to know, where were we from, authentication.

That wasn't the shocking part. The part where our college, one of the BIGGEST (did I say that clearly?) IT institution, is not known to them, nor even being heard of the name APIIT was the SHOCKING part. I mean, c'mon, how many IT institution are there that is as BIG as APIIT?

We showed our Student ID's and that wasn't enough, the manager didn't believe us. WTF. So we're asked to go back to college to get an official letter (when he could actually provide us the details we need on the spot). Then, off we went back to college, request for an official letter from the lecturer, who needs endorsement from the adminstrative staffs. After waiting a few hours, we finally gotten what we wanted, but I was too beat up to go back down to that part of KL. So I decided to fax in instead. By then it was already 3pm.

So TELL me,
duncha feel that I was in a soccer game?



  1. Didn't you have that on your student ID (IT) card? "I am a soccer ball" ...? Maybe then they wouldn't have been so THREATENED that someone wants to know what is going on in there.

    Front desk person: Someone out here wants information about us.

    Administrator: What!?!? Alert! alert! Who is it?

    Front desk person: *looks at card* ... a soccer ball.

    Administrator: Pfftt ... give him what he wants.

    What a day.

  2. @Wendy: hahaha.. I wished.. and probably they might actually entertain us =D

    Hmmm If we had that earlier, probably we'd had a better kick-start.. LOL

    yea.. you can say that again, what a day..