Monday, February 16, 2009

Using DownThemAll (Add-ons) on Mozilla Firefox

Having hard time downloading stuffs? Don't know where to get a free download accelerator? Well, here's something I can suggest for you. It's legal, it's free, it accelerates downloading, and it's integrated in your browser (only Mozilla Firefox).

Get your Mozilla Firefox here

What is this thing? It's called the DownThemAll!, the first and only add-on that is integrated into Firefox. It allows certain file downloads to pause and resume, and also multiple downloads at one go with just a simple configuration. DownThemAll! is user friendly too, so even if you're totally new to it, you will be able to use it.

Below are some guides on how to get it, and how to use it.

1. First of all, go to the menu bar of the Firefox and select Tools>Add-ons

2. Then, a pop-up appear. Select the "Get Add-ons" tab and either search for the add-on call "DownThemAll!" or click "Browse All Add-ons"

3. At the page you can search for it, and then click on "Add to Firefox"

4. A pop up will notify you of it, just wait for the "Install Now" button to be available, then click on it.

5. Allow it to install by itself. The speed of the installation depends entirely of your connection. Note: Make sure you're not loading a video, or downloading any other files at the same time.

6. Then restart Firefox once installation is completed.

7. To be on the safe side, check again whether or not it has been installed by going to Tools>Add-ons under the "Extensions" tab

8. Right-click on the desired download materials (works on most materials), and you'll find two extra menus there.

9. Select "Save link with DownThemAll!" and a pop-up appears. Browse your desired download-to location and then click "Start"

10. Another window will appear, showing you the progress of the download. At the same time, if permitted, you can pause and resume the downloading, or download other materials at the same time, using the same method (start from 7)

Hope this helps you on downloading files faster. =)

More info:
DownThemAll! ( via


  1. Hi! I skipped out on blogging for about a month and am just getting back to visiting ... trying to find a "way" to keep up with everyone's blogs ...
    Loved the posts ... got all caught up ... that blogging get together looks like it was fun ... loved the chinese dragon photos and I especially love how you include such nice photos of everything you do: The meals, the games you played, the places you went ... it makes your blog very very extra enjoyable to visit. It's amazing how similar your life is to life in Cailfornia ... but also different because the buildings are a "little" different.

    Anyways ... just wanted you to know that I've updated my "favorite blog list" to include yours.

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  2. ... p.s. Sorry about your break up!

  3. Heyya Wendy!! yea it's been awhile now.. well i guess everyone's busy with their own stuffs.. ^^

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    Oh no worries on my stuffs, lucky for me, i'm coping well with things.. =D