Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Went Online and Chat!

This is something miraculous to many people, especially among my peers.. Seriously, for weeks, for some it's months ever since I went online and chat.. It was always "I'm sorry, but I'm kinda busy" or "Auto-message: I'm not around, please kindly leave a message" (usually when I'm only online to transfer files to others)

One of the most hated phrase coming from me is "Find one day, when you and I free, we go YamCha".. Cause most of you know that, that day ain't coming anytime soon..

So today, finally I managed to find myself sometime to come online, quickly do my work and started chatting like there was no tomorrow..

This proves it..

Angel saw me and this is what she said:
"Wad u duin online?
u normally dun come on for like ever"


Found this on my ShoutBox:

I'm lonely too..
My work is killing me..


Was asked to join along in the
Innit chatbox..

Some stuffs going on in NN..

dustyhawk: im a social dater
vox: fuah, hen ure the very first
to be outta my bf list!
*kicks dusty*

dustyhawk making his moves..

dustyhawk: *hugs vox from behind*
(LOL, serious issues going on ei?)

Here's one good news and one sad news:

Let's start with the good one..
Vox:...I feel like belonging to josm today..

bad news:
AngelKein: jeffro womanizer.. -.-
(so not true weih)

Some stimulating conversations as well
(well not for me la)

AngelKein: Vox's is a hill XD
Imma mountain. LOLLL WTFF

To be honest, I haven't had so much fun chatting in a long while.. and thanks to these bunch of whacky nuffnangers who are there to entertain and cheer things up, I felt lighter.. Thanks yal!


  1. FUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! what was that??what had i just read??
    heyheyhey~when ure free??come out la then i treat you to some big "massages" as a token of "appreciation" for helping me promo name! lol~put link la!!


    but that was good la~din noe u were printing screen all the time we were chatting!@@

    'jeffro's dangerous~'

  2. @Voxy: ROFL.. Big massages? can trade it for other stuffs? *grins* Will update it with links shortly ^^

    No la.. not all the time, i suddenly had the idea of doing so.. coz it was interesting.. hahaha =D

    Dun listen to Voxy, im innocent.. not dangerous, instead im endangered species weih.. LOL

  3. What the...
    Why am i called the womanizer?
    why why why?? O_O